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The Female Sexual Screening Addiction Test (G-SAST) is designed to assist the assessment of sexually compulsive or ‘addictive’ behavior. The G-SAST provides a profile of responses which help to identify women with sexually addictive disorders. Answer each question ‘yes’ or ‘no’, depending on the particular pattern of symptoms:

No. Question
1 Were you sexually abused as a child or adolescent?
2 Do you regularly purchase romance novels or sexually explicit magazines?
3 Have you stayed in romantic relationships after they become emotionally or physically abusive?
4 Do you often find yourself preoccupied with sexual thoughts or romantic day dreams?
5 Do you feel that your sexual behavior is normal?
6 Does your spouse [or significant other(s)] ever worry or complain about your sexual behavior?
7 Do you have trouble stopping your sexual behavior when you know it is inappropriate?
8 Do you ever feel bad about your sexual behavior?
9 Has your sexual behavior ever created problems for you and your family?
10 Have you ever sought help for sexual behavior you did not like?
11 Have you ever worried about people finding out about your sexual activities?
12 Has anyone been hurt emotionally because of your sexual behavior?
13 Have you ever participated in sexual activity in exchange for money or gifts?
14 Do you have times when you act out sexually followed by periods of celibacy (no sex at all)?
15 Have you made efforts to quit a type of sexual activity and failed?
16 Do you hide some of your sexual behavior from others?
17 Do you find yourself having multiple romantic relationships at the same time?
18 Have you ever felt degraded by your sexual behavior?
19 Has sex or romantic fantasies been a way for you to escape your problems?
20 When you have sex, do you feel depressed afterwards?
21 Do you regularly engage in sado-masochistic behavior?
22 Has your sexual activity interfered with your family life?
23 Have you been sexual with minors?
24 Do you feel controlled by your sexual desire or fantasies of romance?

  1. ★ Group A:1-3 ‘Positive’ Answers
    1- 3 of these symptoms found to be true may be an area of concern and should be openly discussed with a friend or family member.
  2. ★ Group B: More than 3 ‘Positive’ Answers
    More than 3 positive answers would indicate the need to consider more professional addiction and consideration of a 12 step support program like those for Sexual Addicts.
  3. ★ Group C: 6 or More ‘Positive’ Answers
    6 or more positive answers clearly presents a problem with potentially self-abusive and/or dangerous consequences. Should seek treatment.
Cautionary Note: There is a wide range of prevailing opinions as to what is acceptable sexual behaviour. If you are concerned about your own sexual behaviour, and you feel that your behaviour is causing you problems, or may get you into trouble with the law, please talk to a professional.

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